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Lyrical Healer Winsome Duncan

Book: An Inner City Guide to Surviving the Credit Crunch
Author: Winsome Duncan
Price: £6.99
Available: From Amazon and on Kindle

Review by Mesha McNeil

Award-winning performance poet, writer and radio host Winsome Duncan, aka Lyrical Healer, has published her second book – An Inner City Guide to Surviving the Credit Crunch.

Packed with over 100 bite-sized tips on how to save money, the book idea was birthed from a combination of a hollow purse, an empty soap dispenser and the idea to add water to make it last longer. During this lean time, Duncan devised practical methods to deal with financial hardship, forming the foundation of her book.

Even at the launch of An Inner City Guide… Duncan’s refreshments were sourced from the value range of a well-known supermarket: tip 42 Economy Price, in practice. “It’s not just about giving factual information,” argues Duncan. “It’s about talking to the spirit, the minds and the hearts of despondent people.”

So what makes her book stand apart from other money-saving guides? It asks the reader to revaluate their destructive thought patterns, which lead to a “leaky money mentality”. The book also calls on the reader to not only save money, but to be creative in looking at other avenues to make money.

Entrepreneurship is a strong theme in the book. Readers are encouraged to create extra revenue, something that self-published author Duncan understand very well as she always wanted my own her own publishing company. The book is her first step towards that goal.

The book feels very personal, like Duncan is speaking directly to you as a wise caring friend. I managed to combine two tips 64.A Hot Expert and 65.Grow It when a local Mexican restaurant was giving out free promotional chilli seeds. I took two large handfuls, of course.

While only one seedling has started to bud, there is satisfaction in knowing that when the others gestate, there will be no more need to marinade food via my wage slip. All in all, there are loads of tips in this book I intend to adapt my lifestyle to.

An Inner City Guide… is comprehensive and covers a wide range of practical and spiritual tips for the home and business. There is also a chapter filled with techniques on how to obtain a frivolous mindset.

What this guide offers in breadth however, it lacks in depth. The amount of topics covered means that a reader who is looking for a deeper focus needs to seek out a more specific guide.

The tips are easily digestible for those keen to make an overall and immediate lifestyle change.

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