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Strategic Communications & PR

What we offer

Strategic communications is more than producing a press release and chasing a journalist for coverage. It is about working with a client holistically to ensure that all the key stakeholders are part of the journey, understand what’s happening and are assisted to identify realistic outputs.

We work with organisations who have minimal experience of dealing with media and PR demands, alongside those with more experience. Among the high profile and complex cases we have had the privilege of working on are the Hillsborough Inquests and the Camber Sands Inquests.

The commissions require the ability to communicate clearly, be responsive and able to problem solve in a fast moving, protocol conscious environment.

We provide a range of services, including:

  • Media and PR consultancy
  • Digital PR consultancy
  • Media and communications training
  • Strategy development
  • Media engagement
  • Press kits
  • Press conferences
  • Media roundtables
  • Digital and media campaigns
  • Crisis management consultancy


Below are two examples of our work.