Short interview with Algiers


Algiers is an intriguing group of American Anglophiles who combine the soulfulness and political drive of the sixties in a fusion of African American spirituals, hip-hop and new wave.

The band is made of up lead singer Franklin James Fisher, bassist Ryan Mahan and guitarist Lee Tesche. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Mahan and Tesche live in London while Fisher resides in NYC.

Formed in 2006, while reeling from the George Bush Jr. administration, they wanted to produce something socially rebellious, linking African American music, avante garde art and world cinema. Multi-instrumentalists, the band members’ write and sing everything together.

According to Mahan, the first single Blood “is really a distillation of this feeling of frustration, and a reassertion of world solidarity in the face of economic globalisation”.

The atmospheric video takes you on a historical journey through some of the most significant political, social and musical periods in recent history. How they got permission to use the footage, I dread to think.

Watch the video of their first single Blood

By Joy Francis

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