The Black Love Project

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  • The first initiative of its kind in the UK, The Black Love Project was founded in 2014 by Joy Francis and Patsy Isles.

    Based on an online survey, covering love, sex, dating, relationships and parenting, completed by over 900 Black Britons, the project also hosted a series of focus groups and conducted filmed interviews in different parts of the country, including London, Luton and Manchester.

    Produced by Words of Colour Productions, in collaboration with publishing veteran, editor and writer Patsy Isles and AMC Media, The Black Love project successfully launched on Wednesday 25 October 2017 at Bush Theatre, London.

    After two plus years of the Covid pandemic, what is the reality facing Black Britons as parents, siblings, friends, lovers or spouses?

    Has online dating truly removed the in-person connection?

    Amid the Child Q scandal, how are black parents faring in loving and supporting their children?

    Has friendships tightened as a result of the pandemic? And how have we dealt with loss as Covid impacted on black people disproportionately?

    We want to know.

    The Black Love Project will announce how it plans to capture this essential information in the summer 2022.

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