Museum of Colour

The Museum of Colour first approached Words of Colour to create an online-only virtual museum for what would be their first exhibition, People of Letters, showcasing and paying homage to people of colour in the UK throughout the centuries who have made notable contributions in literature.

The work of Words of Colour is long-reaching, joyful and powerful. Joy Francis and Words of Colour are well connected, ensuring that all writers get a voice, regardless of who they are. Joy and Mike Joda are extremely generous and most importantly, fun to work with.

Samenua Sesher OBE, Founder/Director, Museum of Colour

Being one of the first initiatives of its kind, and having to capture a varied audience (both in age and understanding) we spent time planning, wireframing and designing multiple versions of the website and user journey to ensure it delivered a seamless experience.  Samenua Sesher, Founder and Director of the Museum of Colour, was keen to avoid the gallery looking and feeling like a traditional website and instead more like an exhibition-like experience.

During the pandemic we worked with the Museum of Colour again to deliver their second exhibition Respect Due, working with artists Grace Lee, Naki Narh and Erin Tse to capture a selection of creatives in painting (both digital and traditional).