Grenfell: in the words of the survivors

Adrianne McKenzie, Words of Colour’s Video Content Project Manager, is also a filmmaker and was part of the team that produced the award-winning ‘On the Ground at Grenfell‘ documentary, from the perspective of young people. She was invited to the preview of Grenfell: in the words of the survivors at the National Theatre. She gives her perspective.

Grenfell: in the words of the survivors, a new verbatim play by Gillian Slovo, is a truly remarkable rendition of the harrowing events that shook the globe on June 14th 2017.

Based on the testimony of the residents at the heart of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the play covers themes of joy, love, community, pride, greed and doesn’t fail to magnify the complete lack of care over the years leading up to the tragic event.

A multimedia production, co-directed by Phyllida Lloyd and Anthony Simpson-Pike, the viewer is taken on a journey from the excitement that former residents experienced when first moving into Grenfell Tower to the terror and heartache caused by its horrific and avoidable demise.

Although there hasn’t been a shortage of interviews, documentaries and articles about the Lancaster West Community, nothing has portrayed the survivors’ experience in a more sensitive and compelling way than this play.

The dynamic use of the Dorfman Theatre is to be celebrated as the audience is immersed into the scenes, such as the public inquiry, as if we were the judge and jury.

You are engaged throughout and will leave feeling an even stronger connection to the community of the Lancaster West estate as the finale pays homage to the ‘Silent Walk’, a monthly walk, through Latimer Road and Ladbroke Grove that pays respects to the victims, survivors and local community, including the fire department.

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful things you will see in the theatre this year, Grenfell: in the words of the survivors is a must see.

Grenfell: in the words of the survivors is at the Dorfman Theatre until 26th August 2023.

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Grenfell: in the words of survivors is part of a multi-year programme of National Theatre creative activity in North Kensington, delivered in collaboration with local community organisations.

Photo credit: Adrianne McKenzie