Word of Colour

Creative Wellbeing Hub

The Creative Wellbeing Hub will provide budding, emerging and established creatives of colour with the space, permission and tools to share their stories, activate their creative aspirations and identify the internal, external and cultural blocks to full authentic expression.

The Hub will provide participants with a variety of professional, personal, entrepreneurial and creative development tools and activities to empower them to thrive in environments where they are often the minority voice or experience, and/or where they are faced with misplaced cultural expectations or baggage.

The hub’s founding core team include Joy Francis, executive director, Words of Colour, Suzanne Lyn Cook, Words of Colour’s director of wellbeing and people, Patsy Isles, founder, Write on Track and Kenny Mammarella D’Cruz, ‘The Man Whisperer’.

Pilot launch date: July 2018.

Official launch date: 2019

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