Word of Colour

Moon Festival

Words of Colour is working with Moon Festival‚Äč, the first programme of its kind to celebrate the moon as a global cultural icon before, during and after the first human walked on its surface in July 1969.

Fifty years later, on 19-21July 2019 in Woolwich, the festival aims to inspire people’s connection to, and awareness of, the moon in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Commissioned by Moon Festival in partnership with Words of Colour, UAL, Royal Borough of Greenwich and Arts Council England, #TheMoonMeans digital campaign ran from 26 March to 2 May 2018.

Words of Colour created an online survey, PR, market research, including a pop up at Woolwich Centre Library, a youth focus group and a digital campaign. 

The aim is to inspire people to support the planning and programme of Moon Festival, a three day interdisciplinary festival taking place in Woolwich, with satellite events across London and digital interventions from all over the world in 2019.