Anoushka Shankar Shiraz ACV exclusive interview


Anoushka Shankar talks about the musical score to the silent Indian film, ‘Shiraz: A Romance of India’. First released in 1928, it has been completely restored by the British Film Institute (BFI) Archive and Shankar was commissioned to put live music to the film when it premiered in the London Film Festival in October 2017 at the Barbican, London.

It was then taken on a short live tour of India, where Anoushka and musicians played live to screenings in five Indian cities. It will be released on February 2 for cinema screenings in the UK with Shankar’s musical score…listen to her talk about the project and what it meant to her and to those who heard and saw the film for the first time…

Production credits

Presenter/Producer: Sailesh Ram (… Camera/Editing: Adrianne McKenzie With thanks to the BFI, especially for the use of clips

Sailesh Ram
Adrianne McKenzie