We Are Family Trailer


We Are Family is a 30 minute film to raise awareness of kidney donation in the African Caribbean community. Directed by Joy Francis and produced by Dela Idowu, the film tells the story of 21 year old Darren Williams, the youngest of three siblings (brotoher Andy, sister Yemi) who discovers that his kidneys are failing. The options available to him are dialysis or a life saving living kidney donation, which means a long waiting list and no guarantees. Faced with this daunting challenge, Darren, Andy and Yemi undergo an emotional rollercoaster ride to find a living kidney donor, a reality facing hundreds of black people due to a lack of organ donors from the African Caribbean community.

This health promotion film with a twist was commissioned by Gift of Living Donation and made by Words of Colour Productions.

To purchase a copy of the film, contact Dela Idowu at [email protected].

Cast: Michael Bordom, Derek Oppong, Candice Onyeama, Elizabeth Lawal, Vikash Bhai, Kevin Golding, Robin Paris and Tayo Idowu.

Joy Francis
Director of Photography
Nathan E Richards
Dela Idowu & Cleveland Norris
Executive Producer
Dela Idowu
First Assistant Director
Adele Gonzague
Camera Operator
Adrianne McKenzie
Mark Denham and Nneji Eke