Word of Colour


Words of Colour creates its own internal projects based on its learning and what fits a need based on industry gaps, what we have gleaned from our work with writers and creatives of colour and what we intuitively feel will make a difference.

We always carve out development time, which may run into years, but we believe it is worth it so an idea can breathe, be tested and be launched as a viable project. This was the case with Digital Women UK, The Black Love Project and now the Creative Wellbeing Hub, which will be officially launched in 2019.

Our external projects are often co-curated with partners, or where we deliver a complementary service to shift the narrative and allow others to tell their stories, such as TellYours 2018, which is one of the first national initiatives for migrant storytellers, led by Filotico Arts, and StereoHype, which creatively blends the arts and mental health to break down stigma and taboos in African and Caribbean communities.


Internal projects

External projects